The Catholic Foundation was launched by Cardinal Williams in 1981 at a time when the Archdiocese of Wellington was desperate for operating funds. A campaign was launched to attract members to the Foundation, each new member being asked to generously contribute a sum by way of cash or legacy which would be become the capital base for a perpetual charity. Within a month the first $1 million had been pledged.


The further generosity of new members and judicious investment decisions has enabled the capital to grow to nearly $11 million. The income produced from the invested capital is sufficient to make a significant annual grant to the operating budget of the Archdiocese, and further grants and scholarships each year to a growing number of Catholic organisations and individuals where there will be benefit to the Catholic life of the Archdiocese.


The Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese of Wellington is a registered Charitable Trust. It is governed by its members and administered by a Board which includes Cardinal John Dew and annually elected Foundation members and trustees. It is audited annually.

The Board meeting dates for 2018 are yet to be confirmed.

Cardinal John Dew Mr Robert Noble-Beasley
Mr Henry Ward
(Vice Chairman)
Mr Pat Sheehan
Francis Fanning Miss Mary Brito Mr Kevin O'Connor Ms Kate Mahony
Mr Greg Kelly Ms Judy Houlahan Ms Kathy Whelan