Grant Application Form

The Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese of Wellington (The Foundation) makes grants to Catholic organisations or individuals to further the work of the Catholic Church within the Wellington Archdiocesan area. The form is designed to allow The Foundation to assess whether a grant may be made. The information you provide will assist us to determine the nature of the request and how closely it fits with the Foundation’s aims and objects (see Schedule)

Applications for grants are considered at Foundation board meetings which, for 2020, are the 04 March, 20 May, 29 July (AGM) and 04 November. Applications close ten days before the date of each meeting.

Contact Person


Brief Outline of the purpose to which the grant will be put

Please send a copy of most recent accounts, budgets for project or event to

1. Receipt of this application form will be acknowledged. Applicants can expect to be advised of the Foundation’s decision following the next board meeting and are asked to refrain from contacting Foundation before receiving notification of this decision.

2. A schedule of scheduled Meeting dates for the Foundation is available on our website or from the Secretary on

3. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

4. Grant Application Criteria:

  • a. Applications for Grants from the Catholic Foundation will be considered from individuals or organisations normally domiciles in the Archdiocese of Wellington where
    • i. The purpose for which the grant is sought can be shown to meet the objects of the Foundation, and
    • ii. The applicant can demonstrate an appropriate measure of self help
  • b. The Objects of the Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese of Wellington are set out in its Constitution. In essence they are to support and assist:
    • ● Catholic Education
    • ● Catholic Social Services
    • ● Youth Development
    • ● The sick, aged, infirmed, unemployed and those in need
    • ● Hospices and Hospitals
    • ● Catholic Religious Orders, Institutions, bodies and groups
    • ● The training of Priests, religious and lay persons to maintain and promote the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • c. Applicants will not normally be considered:
    • ● For activities outside the Archdiocese of Wellington
    • ● From national organisations unless the grant is for local applications
    • ● For school camps, sporting trips and similiar
    • ● Where no clear benefit will accrue the Archdiocese
    • ● Where alternative funding is clearly available