Grants made by the Foundation

Recipients of Catholic Foundation grants are wide and varied so the flow-on effect reaches all corners of the Archdiocese. The Foundation will consider grant applications which cover: Catholic education; Catholic social services; youth development; the sick, aged, infirm, unemployed and those in need; hospices; Catholic religious orders, institutions, bodies and groups; the training of priests, religious, and lay persons to maintain and promote the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Foundation also makes a significant grant to the Archdiocese of Wellington each year to assist with its Chaplaincies social services.

In addition the Foundation will consider making a grant available each year to a member of the Archdiocesan Clergy who is taking a sabbatical with the Cardinal's approval.

Grants Made by the Foundation in the 2018/19 Financial year:

Cathedral Parish, attendance of 2 reps to FCIA Program Melbourne


Catholic Women's League - towards National Conference costs


Samoan Chaplaincy - travel costs for Priest from Samoa


Life Teen Summer Camp


Patricia Lunch Diploma in Christian Studies


Kapiti Benefit Impact Project


ADW - costs towards attendance at Funding Raising Conference Chicago


Applying for a grant

Applications for grants are considered at Foundation Board meetings which, for the 2020 year are 04 March, 20 May, 29 July (AGM) and 04 November

Applications on the required form close ten days before the date of each meeting.

Grant Application form PDF  OR   Online Grant Application Form

FEEDBACK - from Benefit Impact Project

The Foundation supported an application for funding of the Benefit Impact Project which took place on the Kāpiti Coast in July 2019. This is the 2nd Benefit Impact Project that the Foundation has supported.

The aim of the initiative of these projects is to assist those people in the community who are currently receiving benefits or who perhaps are entitled to a benefit which they are not accessing.

This may include attending to the needs of beneficiaries and supporting them through appointments with dedicated Ministry of Social Development staff. In the process, they hope to gain a greater understanding of New Zealand’s welfare system to provide future support and assistance to people in their parish.

FEEDBACK - from Christian Leadership program

Patricia Lynch is a very active member of the ADW and the Catholic Foundation were very pleased to support her with course fees for her NZ Diploma in Christian Studies as part of her Launch Out Christian Leadership program.

FEEDBACK - from Alpha Leadership Conference

The Foundation made a contribution of $1,235 towards the costs of Chris Walkerdine of the Parish Leadership Ministry who was selected as one of 5 international guest to attend the Alpha Leadership Conference in Kuala Lumpur

FEEDBACK - from Formation Manager of Launch Out

The Foundation was happy to support Formation Manager of Launch Out Maria Aurora Bernardo’s course tuition/development fees, specific to your Paper on Cultivating Theological Thinking Among Lay Pastoral Leaders with a grant of $2,000

FEEDBACK From 2019 Life Teen Summer Camp

Life Teen Summer Camp Aotearoa celebrated it’s 5th year this January 2019 at Forest Lakes in Otaki. More than 200 young people from across the country took part a range of activities such as messy games, dance parties, silent adoration and celebration of the sacraments. The camp was an invitation to come closer to Christ and live a life of ordinary holiness- to “be saints together”

FEEDBACK - from 2019 Youth Camp

The Catholic Foundation were pleased to be able to provide financial support to bring Fr. Taisali Leuluai from Samoa to attend the 2019 Youth Camp and also facilitate the Samoan chaplaincy program and provided inspiration and guidance to the youth. The Youth Camp held in Porirua was attended by 60 – 70 youth, andis a key time for young Samoans to keep their faith alive in line with the Synod 2017 practical recommendation, that we collaborate with one another to provide faith formation for young adults.

This was achieved – in the words of one of the young participants:

2019’s Youth Camp was an amazing experience that brought many young people closer to God and closer to finding their true purpose in the world. The main values taught were ‘Forgiveness and Trust’. This camp reminded our young community that God will always be there for you and there are always people willing to listen and help you with your problems in life. The Priest from Samoa inspired young people to do better. This camp has helped young people become a stronger youth group but most importantly a stronger individual with the help of God.

The Foundation were pleased to support the very successful Teen Life Summer Camp in 2018 with a donation of $1,000

FEEDBACK - from Benefit Impact an experience of encounter and welcome

Wellington Catholic Social Services, the Parish of Te Awakairangi and the Hutt Valley Benefit Education Service Trust (BEST) are grateful for the support of the Catholic Foundation in enabling the second Archdiocesan Benefit Impact, held at St Bernadette’s church hall in Naenae in the week of 14-17 November.

Approximately 65 households were assisted with their benefits or superannuation over the course of the week. The assistance ranged from matters such as support for housing applications, disability allowance, unsupported child’s benefit and issues with core benefits. Advocates noted that a large number of people asking for assistance were over 65. Work and Income Naenae put on nine extra staff for the week to enable them to respond to the increased workload.

Each day began with Mass at St Bernadette’s church in Naenae. In blessing the Benefit Impact week, Cardinal John Dew said the Archdiocese was holding the event in the lead-up to Pope Francis’s First World Day of the Poor because beneficiary households are among the most vulnerable in New Zealand.

Lisa Beech
Community Organiser and JPD Advisor
Catholic Social Services

FEEDBACK - from Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute

The Catholic Foundation were pleased to support Daniel Kleinsman’s of the Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute attendance at the OECD Forum in Paris in May of 2017 with a grant of $2,000 towards the costs.

FEEDBACK - from Catholic Deaf

The Foundation was pleased to support the attendance of the Mary Fifield attendance at the Deaf Catholic conference in Australia as a mark of the importance of the Catholic Deaf leaders in the dioceses whose work we are extremely grateful for.

Over a hundred people participated in our unique Deaf Catholic Conference on 20th – 23rd August. Delegates came from all over Australia and NZ to learn and to make new connections.

Pictured NZ representatives—Rachel Marr, Mary Fifield, Sion Owen, Felicity Crowe

FEEDBACK - from the Christian Life Community

In November 2013 The Foundation awarded a grant of $1,705 to the Christian Life Community - they write...

"Thank you all once more for that most enriching and life-giving retreat experience recently at Cross Creek - a superb team, and a superb setting. It was truly a graced time of deeper listening to both the Word of God and my own life in community. I deeply appreciated the group atmosphere throughout the week, even though each one of us was on our own journey of faith and prayer.

Please convey my thanks to the benefactors who enabled this retreat to take place through their financial support.

In continued love and prayer".

Tricia Kane, Coordinator, CLC, Aotearoa NZ

Sarah Dench,the 3 guides : Fr Gerry Whiteford sm, Rev Peter Benge, Kitty McKinley; Sr Catherine Jones smsm, Bernie Kernot. In background, Joanne Morgan

FEEDBACK – Visit of Baroness the Professor Ilora Finlay

I wish to thank the Catholic Foundation for its generous financial support of Baroness Ilora Finlay’s visit to Wellington last month. The Baroness is recognised as a world leader in her field and your contribution enabled us to proceed with confidence in organising the one-day conference on palliative care for health professionals. This conference allowed us to further develop our close working relationship with Hospice New Zealand and also created an opportunity to work in partnership with the Victoria University Graduate School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, a first for The Nathaniel Centre. Health Professionals will immediately recognise that the presenters were of the highest calibre and well known and respected in New Zealand.

While the benefits of the Baroness’s visit for the Catholic community (local and national) are readily identifiable, real satisfaction can be taken from the fact that her presentations in New Zealand had a significant impact on health professionals, politicians and the general public.

The Baroness with Palliative Physician, Researcher and Academic, Professor Rod MacLeod at the conference.

FEEDBACK – Refugee Family Reunification Trust

Over the past 11 years the Refugee Family Reunification Trust has provided moral, financial and practical assistance and support for refugees in Wellington, needing help with the costs of bringing their families to join them.

Since its establishment in 2001 it has raised over $840,000 and 100% of the funds raised has been given to refugees. By nationality the families who have been assisted by the Trust were originally from Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Liberia, Sudan, Myanmar, Colombia, Sri Lanka and Banda Ache. Many of the families were living in refugee camps in Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan.

The Catholic Foundation congratulates the Refugee Family Reunification Trust for the very valuable and vital work they do in reuniting families – many who have been separated under horrendous circumstances and is proud to support them and their work.

FEEDBACK – Religious education development

Patricia Lynch is a part time teacher of Religious Education and Special Needs at St Catherine's College and also involved in various ministries in her Parish. She has run the Sacramental Programme in her Parish over the last two years. In 2011 she resumed her Masters in Religious Education degree through the Australian Catholic University and the Catholic Foundation were pleased and proud to be able to support her in a practical way in the full knowledge that the Diocese has and will continue, to benefit from the energy and commitment of Patricia.

FEEDBACK – Samoan Sunday School Teacher’s Retreat

The Catholic Foundation was pleased to sponsor a Samoan Sunday School Teacher's Retreat and Workshop held at Kowhai Lodge in Porirua on the weekend of 1st and 2nd February. Under the guidance and wisdom of Brother Kierran Fenn and Samoan Chaplain Mika Teofilo, the workshop assisted a group of 35 teachers to prepare well and learn from and inspire each other to share their faith knowledge with children.

FEEDBACK – Young Catholic Leader programme

We wish to thank the Catholic Foundation for the $5000 given to us for our Young Catholic Leader programme held in December 2011. The 5 day live-in camp was a huge success for all involved.

Grounded in stewardship and giftedness, YCL challenges young people to step out of their comfort zone and as Eleanor Roosevelt put it “do the thing which you think you cannot”. The days were long and full of high expectations but that just allowed more time and opportunity to cement friendships. The programme is top notch but these relationships are the best resource these leaders could take from YCL. Relationship is at the heart of leadership and even more important when its servant leadership you are living out. It’s not about being able to do it all yourself but about fully offering the gifts you have to the team and community you’re part of.

Patricia Butterfield, Assistant Adviser, Archdiocesan Youth and Young Adult Ministry

FEEDBACK – L’Arche Kapiti

In May of 2010 the Catholic Foundation presented L’Arche New Zealand with a grant to purchase touch screen computers for members if their community. They were able to purchase two computers which allows core members to not only have computer access to the internet and email but to now have Skype to see and talk with family and friends who live far away.

Kind regards
Alejandro (Alex) Pagnucco
Community Leader, L'Arche Kapiti

FEEDBACK from St Bernard’s College

A St Bernard’s College student, Sepe Mua’au travelled to London to attend the Globe Theatre in July where he took the lead role in Richard 111. He was selected for this following his participation in the 2010 Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival. The St Bernard’s team played Henry IV Pt 1 and 2, a 15 minute performance under the direction of Petra Jaeger and Ann Garry.

Players personae: Sepe Mua’au, Matthew Loveranes, Kyle Viagador, William Warren, Allen Murrell, Stephen Salter, Theo Lascamana, Paul Ogwaro, Mundsan Yu Hoi, Caleb McInman, Raymond Horua, Brent Duggan, Mona Ahelemo, Tyrone Martin , Damon Hutley, Simon Garlick.

Sepe wishes to express his thanks to the Catholic Foundation, the school and community for the fundraising and support that made the trip possible.

FEEDBACK from St Francis De Sales

St Francis De Sales in Island Bay approached the Foundation in early in 2010 for assistance in replacing their 45 year old electronic church organ which was fast approaching its final days.

They were presented with a unique opportunity to purchase a small pipe organ from a Methodist church in Christchurch. The price was extremely reasonable (almost half the cost of what it would be to upgrade their existing organ) and it was structurally compatible with the space it would fill at St Francis De Sales. As many will know of St Francis De Sales the organ is a vital accompaniment to the exquisite choir, both being a long standing and loved part of the Parish. The replacement organ will ensure they continue far into the future, enriching and giving value far beyond any dollars spent.

FEEDBACK from the Catholic youth ministers conference

I wish to thank the Catholic Foundation for the wonderful support of the NZCBC National Catholic Conference for Youth and Young Adult Ministers which was held in Palmerston North from November 13-16th 2011.

Your grant towards airfares, accommodation and registration was most generous and assisted greatly in providing an opportunity for youth ministers from the far north and the deep south to participate.

The purpose of the bi-annual conference was to provide professional development, networking, resource sharing and faith formation for the many volunteer youth ministers who coordinate youth services, faith and leadership development across the country in a myriad of ways e.g., youth events, camps, service opportunities etc.

The Conference was a wonderful success with over 70 participants coming from around the country and I believe we well and truly achieved the purpose for gathering. Thank you again for your support.

Helen O’Sullivan RNDM
National Project Coordinator